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2nd Countdown
[Where has Jinx been for the past two weeks? Oh, he's been lost, and he had far too much pride to flick on that communicator and ask for a bit of assistance. So here he is, standing before a strange looking tree with a face and arms of some kind.

The average person would use their Voltorb to blow it to smithereens, right? Maybe use a Ponyta to char it's annoying little patoot. Well, Jinx tried both of these brilliant ideas and now he's stuck here with two fainted Pokemon.]

Quick question. Oh, an' lemme introduce myself again in case ya' fergot already, it's Jinx. Ya' know, long ears an' whatnot. Anyway, who th' fuck knows about th' trees in this shithole? This thing's rock solid an' it won't get th' fuck outta my way.

[If you are on your way to Ecruteak City, you may find a very angry and less charming than usual elf-man.]

Yer ass'd better still be at that damn mountain.

1st Countdown // Audio
[When Jinx awakens, he’s far more pissed off and annoyed than dazed and confused. He’s not exactly used to the never ending tune ringing in the back of his head, nor is he ready to accept a giant fishing float into his life.]

Congratulations, Fellas, you guys really got me this time. I gotta admit, you really did step it up with th’ scenery.

[…Or this is just one drunken dream. Though, that can be ruled out because he can still taste the alcohol on his breath.]

Someone just direct me to th' nearest bar so I can stock up.

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43rd Countdown // Audio
Back of head
[Jinx was just taking his weekly stroll about the ship, having recently experienced the effects of homemade LSD. He assumes all this shit is just one trip, like the one he had the other night, but really? This is the Elegante. He's seen cardinals, strawberries, the Titty Brig, and all sorts of shit that he doesn't even want to remember. Those are nothing compared to what he is seeing right now.

He's now sprawled out on deck two, having the time of his life. Disturb him if you dare, he's missing about six inches of hair and is tripping the hell out.]

Heh heh...

[And that is all .Greed, this is fucking insane]

42nd Countdown // Audio-Text // Common
What th' shit's Christmas, anyway. Is it some sorta' thing worshippin' th' snow Precursors?

[A bit of shuffling can be heard in the background. Hit the deck, Elegante, Jinx is being productive.]

Two months an it'll be a year fer me. Roll, Snowtop, Toof, Mikaela, an' Greed...when th' fuck were ya' shot outta th' oven?

Goes for you too Xanxus
/End Text

Anyways, I'm not sure anymore if I wanna leave er stay after all this time. Ya' know what I'm sayin'? I find this place a bit more eventful than Haven.

[Because. You know. All the parties and the such, also free booze.]

There's people I miss back home, but me goin' back ain't gonna bring him back from the dead.

[And a shout out to the one and only Jak!]

41st Countdown // Audio // Common
[Jinx is moaning something fierce, Elegante. Sadly, he's in too much pain to actually describe it.

Even more upsetting, he's probably going to just die here unless someone helps him. Could it get any worse?

Of course it can, this is Jinx! The single person he both trusts not to kill him and that he knows can do some form of first aid is Tan Jael Cat Roll.


Mnngg, Roll. I gotta problem.

IC Edit:

[Clearly, Roll doesn't care for Jinx's little issue.]

Harl, ya' there?

Because why the hell not
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40th Countdown Audio // Common
[Unfortunately, Jinx died.

Even worse, Roll was the reason he died. Without the cake and the boys, Jinx would still be putting his live on the line for fun. Anyway, Jinx is in his room sitting on his bed in the old clothes Roll had found for him. In his hand is something ~*magical*~.

Jinx finally got some eco. Finally. The substance he's been searching for ever since he stepped foot upon this shit heap. He holds the jar of yellow eco in one hand, it's pretty. He doesn't know what it is, but he's really attracted to the yellow variety. Why?


All harnessed into one glowing bulb. Maybe it offers more power. Maybe it's just the best. Maybe it's something more personal.

Who knows. What he does know is that he can't even share this stuff with anyone. Lucy's gone. She was his first choice to share the wonders of eco with.
That thing that Razer said? Ha! Like that ever got Jinx down, he's been looking ever since then. So NEH NEH NEH look who's got eco up in this ship.

Now back to the current issue, Jinx is missing some things. Most importantly, his bandoiler because it has his cigars and ammunition.]

Whoever th' fuck has my shit. Give them th' fuck back. Please.

[Jinx is missing his shirt (Greed), pants (Xanxus), boxers (Marj), bandolier (Tank Girl), boots (Mikaela), hair tie (Roxy), belt (Jak), and scarf (Jael). Have at it.]

39th Countdown Locked to Reno 99% // Audio Dated to the 28th

[Jinx pauses, how is he going to word this? He knows that his locks aren't quite perfect, and the incident with Marco is sure to stir some shit up.

Fuck it.]

Got 'em, forty kilos as promised. Bite sized packages an' separated inta four different bags.

[The tap on his desk and a few metallic noises are all that can be heard for a minute or two.


An' yer free ta' give some ta' Mark if ya wanna. I know how badly he wants one.

37th Countdown //Audio
Jinx, oh Jinxy.

Oh, fuck me.

[Jinx had been trying to ignore that damn voice for hours.]

Jinx, you know that no one here likes you. Why th' hell don't you just lock yourself in a fuckin' closet? Maybe if ya'die enough, th' system'll fuckin' give th' hell up on you.

Shut up!

[Jinx might not be replying to anything.]

37th Countdown // Accidental Audio
All modern explosives are a derivative of a nitric acid base.

[Guess who decided to read a book? He's a bit slow, his words choppy. He's not used to all this reading out loud business.]

Although fumin' nitric acid isn't explosive in itself, it's explosive when mixed with many other compounds.

[Dear Mar. He's reading The Anarchist Cookbook.]

Blah, blah, blah...The next recipe...blah, blah, blah...

[All of this really is old news to him, stuff he'd learned from Krew. His pen scribbling on a notebook might be heard.]

Nitroglycerin C3H5(NO3)3 Fill a 75 milliliter beaker with fumin' red acid, ninety eight percent concentration. Put it in an ice bath ta' cool. Add hot sulfuric acid, 99 percent H2SO4. Lower th' temperature ta' ten degrees centigrade using a thermometer. Cool it an' add the glycerin...

[A pause.]

Fuck, this is easy. Just need a few more supplies.

36th Countdown // Text // Open Commentlog
[Guess who got his shit rocked again. A hint? Their name starts with a 'J' and rhymes with minx.

Jinx is currently on the flower deck with all sorts of stuff wrong with him. He needs a healer, dude. Hell if he's going to that damn AMU.

His ear is ripped, his knee, jaw, ribs, and wrist broken. His femur slightly bruised with the skin over it punctured, torn, and bleeding out. Oh, and there's a cool knife stuck in his leg because for some reason, nobody remembers to take their damn knife out when they finish mauling Jinx.]

Anyone here a healer?

00 Countdown // Audio // Open Commentlog // Fourth Wall Day
I'm just gonna assume that evertythins normal again since I'm not a chick er a little kid.

[A pause. Someone's at the bar drinking something.]

Still gonna ask, when did ya' decide ta' let all a Haven on board?

35th Countdown // Audio // Open Commentlog
Smokin' 2

[Jinx really isn't the type of guy to check himself every morning, so he really really has no fucking idea what he looks like.]

Did everything get quieter or is it just me?

[If one happens to go to the bar, hey may stumble upon Jinx and a nice bottle of booze.]

34th Countdown Audio//Open Commentlog Foward Dated to Tuesday
Smokin' 2

“Ya’ know what?”

[There’s a long pause; someone just sprouted a nice rack to go along with her new body. The transformation happened mid-drink since he was out for his midday alcohol binge. Ever since the change, Jinx has been mentally changing from a man to a woman slowly but surely.]

“I think I could get used ta’ this shit. It’s not nearly as bad as bein’ a kid.”

[Jinx can be found in the flower field plucking flowers and placing them in her brown and cream dreadlocks.]

“Though I’m kinda in th’ mood fer a pillow fight.”

32nd Countdown // Audio
Smokin' 2

So I'm not normally a kid?

[Guess who is completely confused. Jinx has been tuning into the network so he can find exactly what's up with this and everyone saying that it's Redd's doing.]

'Cause I wanna go home.

31st Countdown // Audio // I Abuse this Icon
[Jinx is nervous.

Jinx is really nervous. He tends to get flustered when talking to people he really likes such as Mimmi who broke his heart.]

Hey, Jael. I got somethin' ta' ask ya'.

30th Countdown // Audio // Dated to the 14th

[Hopefully all the shit Jinx has gone through this past month will end with this. He was brutally killed by Tanvir at the buffet just the previous day. Though he doesn’t appreciate being killed, he’s happy that he has his leg back.]

I’m naked, who’s got my clothes.

[Jinx is missing his bandoleer (Roll), pants (Mimmi), boxers (Xanth), scarf (Catpaw), boots (Riku), top (Castiel), a prosthetic leg, and hair tie (Pit).]


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